The Honoring Life Program is part of the Southwest Hub for Youth Suicide Prevention which aims to grow and evaluate tribal-specific surveillance, linked case management, and brief interventions to reduce suicide risk and promote resilience among Native youth aged 10-24.


The Honoring Life program has three components:

1) Early identification of at-risk youth through community-based and health-system surveillance systems;

2) Case management and monitoring by caring community mental health workers (CMHWs) to assess imminent risk, understand risk, and promote linkages to care; and

3) Implement brief culturally informed interventions to reduce risk and promote connections to care.


The project builds on over 20 years of partnership focused on developing and evaluating suicide prevention programs with the White Mountain Apache Tribe and is being implemented in partnership with the White Mountain Apache Tribe, Navajo Nation, San Carlos Apache, Hualapai, and Cherokee Nation


Shardai Pioche

Program Supervisor


Charnielle Desiderio

Case Manager


Charity Watchman

Case Manager


Nicole Neault

Field Coordinator


Jason Usher

Database Manager


Emily Haroz

Project Assistant Director


Mary Cwik

Project Director


Allison Barlow

Director of the Center for American Indian Health

Honoring Life

The Honoring Life program aims to prevent suicide by providing case management services to reduce risks, promote resilience and facilitate connections to care among Navajo and other Native youth 10-24 years of age.

Center for American Indian Health
P.O. Box 3770
Shiprock, NM 87420

Email: info@honoringlife.org

Phone: (505) 368-4038

Fax: (505) 368-4893

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